Lena ter Schegget

Lena ter ScheggetLena ter Schegget was born in the Netherlands in 1997. She received her first violin lessons from Nanette van Amerongen at the age of seven. In 2008, she was accepted to the Academy for Musical Talents in Utrecht. Afterwards she studied with Chris Duindam, Gerhard Schulz and Sebastian Hamann in respectively Utrecht, Vienna and Freiburg. In June 2017, she finished her Bachelors with honours.

In addition to her lessons at those conservatories, Lena followed masterclasses with Liviu Prunaru, David Grimal, Eszter Haffner, Joris van Rijn, Gabrielle Lester and David Takeno. Also as a member of the ‘Youngsters Corner Quartet’, coached by Alexander Pavlovsky, she followed masterclasses with members of the Jerusalem Quartet and the Szymanowski Quartet.

From the age of ten, Lena has played in several orchestras. She was both principal second and concertmaster of the Dutch Youth String Orchestra. In 2016, she toured as the concertmaster of the Dutch Student Orchestra, led by Bas Wiegers, which played in both the Netherlands and Spain.

Since 2012, Lena is a member of the Cugnon Project. This project organizes chambermusic concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Lena has won prizes at the Prinses Christina Concours and the Iordens Viooldagen (first prize and prize for her interpretation of the commissioned work). She was invited to play as a soloist with several youth- and amateurorchestras, with whom she played works by Bach, Vivaldi, Chausson, Mendelssohn and Pärt. A highlight in 2017 was her solo performance with the Norddeutsche Philarmonie Rostock, for the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Lena plays an instrument made by Ferdinando Gagliano, and a bow by Eugène Sartory, which she has on loan by a private sponsor.